Mobile Rack Cart
Mobile Rack Cart is designed to transport materials across concrete floors with minimum effort.

Construction: Frame is constructed of 2"x2" tubing for structure and stability. The top deck is constructed of 1/2" sheeting to provide a solid surface for trans- porting smaller items while the center arms are sloped for securing items during movement. The lower plat- form provides plenty of room for larger items. Phenolic wheels are provided for ease of movement throughout warehouses or production floors.

Optional wood decks can be provided for both upper and center levels to suit your needs. The Mobile Rack Cart can be used for a wide variety of tasks such as lumber or steel transport. With optional load controllers, the Rack Cart can be used for safely transporting a wide variety of objects such as pipe or other loose items.


Frame size: 32 inches x 48 inches

Top Deck size: 24 inches x 48 inches

Arm Length: 14 inches

Deck Height: 43 inches

Clearance height for shelves: 15 inches

Capacity: 1000 pounds