Mobile Shelf Cart
Mobile Shelf Cart is designed to transport small items across concrete floors with minimum effort.

Construction : Frame is constructed of 2"x2" tubing for structure and angle iron for shelf support. The shelves have ½" plywood to provide a smooth surface for materials during collection and transportation. Each cart has two fork loops welded to the bottom of the main frame for transporting the cart with a forklift. Phenolic wheels are provided for ease of movement throughout warehouses or production floors.

The bottom two shelves are designed with out vertical lips surrounding the platform, this allows for loading and unloading of cartons without damage to the carton or distress to the user. The top shelf or deck has a 1" steel lip on all 4 sides which allows the user to transport loose items without the need for cartons or containers.

This cart is also used for a Mobile Work Bench, Greenhouse cart to transport flats throughout greenhouses, and a Supply transport for electricians and plumbers.



Frame size: 48 inches by 24 inches

Deck height: 41 inches

Clearance height for shelves: 13 inches

Capacity: 1000 pounds